Tejada To Plead Guilty

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ESPN News reports Miguel Tejada is expected to plead guilty to the charge of lying to congressional investigators about using performance enhancing drugs.

He faces up to a year in a federal prison. He may also have to pay a fine of $1,000. It is being said that a plea agreement was reached. The Washington Post reported Tejada can also receive probation of six months behind bars.

MLB.com reports the Houston Astros will hold a press conference scheduled for tomorrow in Minute Maid Park at 4pm CT (5pm ET) to address the situation.

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Ed Leyro

Tejada’s career was already on its way down since his huge 150 RBI season with the Orioles. I can’t see him playing in the majors again after all this passes. I feel bad for the Astros. They traded for him last year, got a subpar season in 2008 and now they might lose him for good due to his lying that happened before he was a member of the Astros organization. Shame on you, Miguel Tejada!


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