Valentin Signs With Mets

By / February 10, 2009 / Hot Stove

According to SNY, the Mets have signed outfielder/infielder, Jose Valentin to a minor league deal. He can make up to $800,000 should he make the major league team.

Why did the do this? I have no idea. The Mets already have Alex Cora as a backup infielder. They have Nick Evans who can play the infield.

Some would say it is because he is a good leader in the clubhouse.

HOGWASH! They have enough leaders. Pay someone who can actually do something for the club, like getting a championship for the team and their fans.

I have said it once and I will say it again. I am sick of this organization stockpiling old men who should be in the baseball graveyard at this point in their career.

Let’s get it together, Omar Minaya. For all the money that you are spending placing guys in the minors, you could have invested that money in a right-handed bat. Think about that before you stick the minors with another man to call “Grandpa”.

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Ed Leyro

You’re right that the Mets should be signing younger players instead of players in their late thirties. This is how I look at Valentin’s deal. It’s yet another signing to wake up Luis Castillo. First Castillo sees the Mets sign Alex Cora. Then they sign Valentin, who’s another player that could perhaps replace him at second base should Castillo continue to disappoint. The Mets’ production at second base hopefully won’t be as bad as expected.


I think it is a shot at Castillo. One thing however is that this might mean no Orlando Hudson. That is disappointing, because he is the best second basemen on the market and Castillo is clearly not the same player. But, the Mets might be holding out for Roberts next year. I wouldn’t mind seeing Bobby Abrue on the mets next year. A nice one year deal. I would then try to trade Church/Castillo for a nice second basemen. A guy like Aaron Hill. (maybe not Hill, but a guy like him). Or you can platoon Church/Tatis.


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