My Problem With Certain People

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Here’s my serious problem with the media. They go to everybody for an opinion about a topic. Why go to David Wright and ask him about the A-Rod situation?

Wright is a member of the New York Mets. It is not his problem. If you cannot get Derek Jeter to talk about it until next week Tuesday, that is your own problem.

Do not bring the Yankees problems to the Mets. It has nothing to do with them.

They have enough to deal with getting ready for the upcoming season and having to answer endless questions about the Philadelphia Phillies and the two year collapses.

My problem with Wright is that he actually answered these ridiculous questions. My answer would’ve been, “Do I look like a Yankee? No! So I have no comment.”

Wright, as always, pulls a Jeter and plays the nice guy. He had this to say in the NY Daily News:

I think he did a tremendous job in owning up to it. I think he did a tremendous job in his apology. It was sincere.

How can you tell it was sincere? A-Rod showed no emotion. If you ask me, it looked like he was about to laugh the first few seconds into it. It was not sincere.

Wright should’ve just left it at:

Being that it is having to do with crosstown, I try to stay out of it as much as possible.

Beginning! End!

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Ed Leyro

I don’t know why they go to David Wright either. I mean, the reporters could probably write the story before they ask him the questions because they should know how he’s going to respond. He’s not going to generate controversy and he’s not going to badmouth anyone. Now if they went to Billy Wagner for his opinion…

I also saw no sincerity in A-Rod’s answers. He looked like an emotionless automaton repeating the same thing over and over regardless of what question he was being asked. But I guess Wright’s personality forces him to answer in the way he did. It would turn into its own story if David actually answered the way you would (and I have to say…your response to the question would be much more interesting and truthful).


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