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By / February 13, 2009 / Hot Stove

Sorry there were no blogs yesterday. My computer has been down since Wednesday night. Here’s all the updates:

According to Ken Rosenthal over at, the New York Mets appear to be among several teams who have made contract offers to relief pitcher Will Ohman.

The other teams are the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies. There is one more team. They still have not made an offer.

It was believed the Braves were close to signing Ohman, this according text messages received by David O’Brien over at the Atlanta Journal Constitution from the pitcher.

Really? Pitchers are texting the media now? I find that hard to believe. How would the pitcher even get O’Brien’s number and vice versa?

Yeah, I’m not buying into that one too much. I’ll stick with Rosenthal.

Reports on the St. Louis Cardinals site say the team has come to terms with outfielder Rick Ankiel. The contract is for one year, $2.825 million.

The team and player were set to go to arbitration. Ankiel was asking for $3.3 million, while the team was only offering $2.35 million.

The Florida Marlins lost the arbitration case against Dan Uggla.

The player has been awarded $5.35 million for 2009. As always, the Marlins played stingy only offering $4.4 million.

I guess we know who will be traded during the season. The Marlins cannot afford $5.35 million. They don’t make that much in a year due to the lack of fans.

That is just so sad.

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Ed Leyro

If the Mets do get Ohman, he should get plenty of action in the exhibition games due to the abundance of relievers the Mets have playing in the WBC.

So Mr. “E-4” himself won his case. I’m surprised. I thought for sure the Marlins would win this one due to his low batting average and questionable defense. I agree with you that Uggla will be leaving the team soon. If the Marlins really thought he was part of their future, they would have given him a long-term deal like the one they gave Hanley Ramirez.


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