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By / February 13, 2009 / Offseason

Could there be drama in the Mets camp? Possibly.

According the New York Post, pitcher Tim Redding is very confident he will be getting the fifth starter position, despite everyone else feels it is a competition between him, Freddy Garcia, and Jonathan Niese.

Redding seemed a little ticked when asked about the fifth starter position. He had this to say:

I went through this for four years in Houston, being told that I have to compete against a bunch of guys.

“You know, I got called by [the Mets], they brought me in here, and I’ve got a guaranteed contract. . . . I didn’t have to beg them for a job, so it’s got to make me feel like I have the upper hand.

That’s funny coming from him. He was the one who had the Mets as his number one choice. He told his agent to contact the Mets.

I already have Niese written off. He doesn’t belong in the majors just yet. Garcia could be a different story.

Does Redding have a reason to believe his thoughts? Actually, he does.

Unlike Redding, Garcia signed a minor league deal. Redding received a major league deal. So as the Post says, it’s his job to lose.

Redding needs to keep something in mind. When he was signed, he did say that he would pitch in whatever role the Mets placed him. This could mean being a long man reliever if Garcia gets the fifth spot.

Niese is out. It’s a duel between Redding and Garcia. Bobby Parnell will be in the ‘pen.

Personally, I would go with Redding as the fifth starter. Let Garcia be his backup. I’m still not convinced Garcia is completely healed. See how he pitches in the minors and then decide what to do.

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Ed Leyro

It’s weird the Post quoted him as saying that because the Daily News makes it look like Redding’s more of a team player who would relish any role. This is from today’s Daily News:

“It’s not a situation like it’s life or death for me to make the team,” said Redding, who went 10-11 with a 4.95 ERA in 33 starts for Washington last year. “I’m just glad to be here – being on a team that has the potential to go to the World Series, win the World Series, and that just missed the playoffs the last couple of years by a couple of games total. If I’m the fourth or fifth starter, if I’m the long guy, if someone goes down in the bullpen and I’m throwing the ball well and I get moved to a one-inning guy, I don’t care. I’ve done all those positions in my career. Not at this level, but I’ve been a closer in the minor leagues. I’ve been a setup guy and a starter. I’ll just get out here, get my arm ready and have fun.”

I would also rather go with the healthier Redding than the oft-injured Garcia. That career record against the Philthies also helps his case.


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