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So for all who have been kicking and screaming about the name “Citi Field”, it stays!

The Daily News reported this yesterday:

Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), head of the Financial Services Committee, said Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner had rejected congressional demands to cancel the naming rights deal.

Thank you Mr. Treasury Secretary! Somebody loves me.

The contract was legitimate under the terms of the bailout plan. So the name stays, as does the name of my site.

Whew! Now I can relax.

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I’m glad you get to keep your site’s name..(we know even if a name change happend you would still keep this have one of the best Mets sites period. You came up with a catchy name with you’re doing all the blogs yourself..while other sites have more then one person writing blogs. bottom line is you’re working soooo hard to give us all the latest news on the Mets and MLB..that i wanna say thank you and i’m happy you can keep your name. Keep up the great work..


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