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By / February 16, 2009 / Spring Training

Matthew Cerrone over on Mets Blog has a different take on Luis Castillo batting lead-off and Jose Reyes batting second or third. Here’s one thing he said:

…my guess is this is more of a spring-time motivational strategy than it is a permanent solution.

Castillo’s not even in camp yet, so by pumping him up and trusting him with more responsibility, and making him a big part of the offense before he even gets in camp, it, again, puts him in a leadership position and in a better chance to do well.

I can understand what Cerrone is saying about using it as a way to motivate Castillo. There’s a lot of pressure hitting in the lead-off spot. It’s up to you to get the game going. Jerry Manuel is trying to give him confidence.

I just do not see how it can get him to be a leader.

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Look in order for the Mets to reach their goal of winning a World Championship..every player will be needed to do their part. Castillo WILL be needed to help the Mets reach that goal. If Jerry Manuel trying to kickstart Castillo during spring training is his way to get him going then by all means do it. I think batting Castillo in the 8th hole is not a good thing..it only makes it easy for the other teams pitcher by facing Schneider, Castillo and the pitchers spot in the bottom of the order. Now if you put Castillo in the 1 or 2 hole (i’d bat him 2nd) that would leave Murphy, Schneider and the Pitcher batting 7,8,9.. Much better in my eyes. Plus the Opp pitcher will need to work a little harder to get thru the bottom 3.


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