Juan Cruz’s Weird Situation

By / February 17, 2009 / Hot Stove

According to the Arizona Republic, MLB might allow for the Arizona Diamondbacks to sign and then trade Juan Cruz.

Every one has made a huge issue about the category of free agents, like “Type A” and “Type B” agents. If a team signs a “Type A” agent, they give up their first round draft pick to the former team.

What team wants to do that? None. Which is one reason why there are still a number of “Type A” free agents on the market.

The team will re-sign Juan Cruz with the intention of trading him.

Now, normally teams are not allowed to trade a newly sign player before June 15. The players union could allow the trade to happen should Cruz decide to waive his right of not be traded.

Diamondback’s GM Josh Byrnes had this to say:

They (Cruz’s agents) would need to work out a deal with someone else, and then we’d need to get back in player value something that’s at least close to the prospective picks.

Is this something Omar Minaya would be interested in being a part of? You would think not. But knowing Minaya, anything is possible.

I would not do it. I have a serious problem with giving up draft picks. While they can be a crap shoot along with everything else in baseball, do you really want to risk giving up something great?

I hope they do not think about going to the Yankees. They have already signed three Type A agents.

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