“Oil Can”: Stay In Baseball Heaven

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Apparently, one of Boston’s former baseball players, according to Yahoo! sports, has come back from baseball heaven to play with the kiddies.

I can picture it now. He’ll go to Boston. He’ll take Clay Buchholz on his lap and tell him stories of old.

Those were the good old days. Being able to play with Babe Ruth and Ted Williams was incredible…oh wait a minute! My mistake. He pitched for the 1986 Red Sox. Oops!

“Oil Can” Boyd wants to pitch in the big leagues again. He wants to play with guys who are so young they can be his great-grandchildren. His inspiration? I’ll tell you.

This 49 year old former major leaguer pitched in a fantasy camp during the winter. If you aren’t familiar with fantasy camps, it’s basically a chance for the average Joe to play with former big league players.

So this is what Mr. “Oil Can” did. The man pitched against businessmen, high school teachers, and the like. Apparently, in shocking fashion, he dominated them.

He was able to get his fastball into the low 90’s.

I think he forgot how many games there are in a season. Even if he did manage to do this, it would only  be a matter of time before people brought up steroids as his ability to come back.

My advice, go back to baseball heaven where you belong. You run the risk of making yourself look bad.

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Ed Leyro

Twenty-three years later and I think he’s still bitter over being passed over for Bruce Hurst in Game 7 of the World Series. Thanks for putting a smile on my face before a long day at work. This blog was exactly what I needed.


This is a blog that made me laugh..I cannnot believe the Oil Can is doing this, after facing ”softball weekend warriors”. So i’m guessing after this news..guys like Jerry Grote and Wally Backman will show up in Port St. Lucie in the next few days to try out for the Mets. Oh well God bless Oil Can for at least giving it the old college try.


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