Camps For The Jobless

By / February 19, 2009 / Offseason, Spring Training

It figures that when I actually agree with an idea the Player’s Association has, they feel it is not necessary. His reason was he is still optimistic players would get signed while Spring Training was going on.

Last week, president of the PA, Donald Fehr announced they will not be holding training camps for those players without jobs.

The purpose of this was so these players would have a chance to get ready for the new season. If they were to get signed, they would not fall far behind their new teammates.

There are still a number of players who have yet to be signed, pitchers being plenty.

The last time this was done was back in 1995, when the strike that crippled baseball was ending. As a result, 35 players were signed.

The PA probably just doesn’t want to foot the bill for having a facility to accommodate the players. One more reason to think Mr. Fehr needs to be moved out of office.

I have a funny feeling, we are going to see some shocking retirements.

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