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By / February 21, 2009 / Spring Training

Around The Bases will be a weekly feature just to pretty much summarize everything that has gone on in major league baseball.

It was reported on Friday the Los Angeles Dodgers have signed Orlando Hudson. It is a one year deal for $3.38 million with incentives that could make the contract worth up to $7.98 million.

There went my dreams of having him on the Mets. Unless Luis Castillo can drum up some serious interest from other teams, we’re stuck with him.

Yes Jeff, I am still obsessed with having Hudson on the Mets. reports the Texas Rangers have signed Kris Benson to a minor league deal. Benson, naturally, is determined to make the big club out of Spring Training.

Oh dear! A minor league deal? Whatever will Ana do? How will she promote her cheap self?

The Atlanta Braves and Tom Glavine have agreed to a one year deal. Here’s the breakdown on his contract as reported on the Braves website:

  • A guarantee of $1 million and have the opportunity to earn an additional $3.5 million through incentives.
  • He’ll receive a $1 million bonus once he’s placed on the active roster and separate $1.25 million bonuses if he’s on the active roster for 30 and 90 days.
  • The $2.5 million he can gain via the bonuses based on his time on the active roster will be deferred over an unspecified period of time.

Why can’t the man just pull a Greg Maddux and retire?

The sign-and-trade option that the Arizona Diamonbacks are trying to swing with Juan Cruz could be happening with the Minnesota Twins.

It has been reported the Twins have already made an offer to Cruz. So I’m not too sure how this is going to work. If you have it figured out, let me know.

Read the details here.

The hits just keep on coming for those poor Yankees. CC Sabathia has reportedly left camp because he has the flu. He blamed his children for the sickness.

That’s just shameful. Take it like a man!

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Ed Leyro

My thoughts on each section (limited to one sentence per section so as not to take up too much space):

It’s only a one-year deal for Hudson so there’s always 2010.

Everything’s bigger in Texas does not apply to Anna Benson no matter what she thinks.

Glavine’s coming back because he’s searching for that ever-elusive 306th career win, two years after his 300th.

I’m too upset over the Mets not going after Juan Cruz to comment on his potential move to the Twins.

My “cousin” has let me know that CC got the flu from standing in front of an open refrigerator for too long.


I totally agree with you on Glavine, and as far as the sign and trade goes that shouldn’t be allowed.

It was the Players Association that wanted the free agent compensation in the CBA and now they want us to accomodate them.

Plus, if they do overturn the rule and allow the sign and trade, it’s not fair to team“

Tanya Mercado

I hate the whole compensation rule. I agree. Why should one team be the only one to benefit? If you overturn it for one team, it should be done for all.


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