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While it is nice the Mets have unveiled another patch to celebrate the inaugaral season at Citi Field, I am very disappointed it won’t be replacing the original one.

This will only be on the caps of the Mets players. On the sleeves of the uni’s, the players will be wearing the tackiest patch known to

You can start to purchase the cap starting tomorrow only at, Modell’s, Mets Clubhouse Shops (only one located on 42nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue), and Tradition Field at Port St. Lucie.

*Thanks to Mets Blog for the additional 411.

Here’s my issue. If this patch was designed by MLB and the Mets last year, why did they even bother with that stupid “pizza patch”? Why not just go with the new patch for the uni’s?

This organization really gives me a headache.

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Ed Leyro

Sweet to know! Thanks, Tanya! Now I can finally use the gift card my boss gave me to

The interesting thing about the new patch is that the words “Citi Field” are nowhere to be found. I wonder if that was an intentional move on the Mets part.

Ed Leyro

Oopsie. I just found out about the “no corporate name” rule on patches after posting my comment. All I know is that I’m not getting a new Mets jersey this year if it’s going to have the pizza patch on it.


Can the Mets just man up to a mistake and get rid of the ”Pizza Patch” and put the new patch on the jerseys.?! Is this asking for a lot?


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