Ump “Okays” Cheaters

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According to Bob Raissman of the New York Daily News, MLB ump Tim McClelland said cheaters in baseball should be given a pass. McClelland was quoted saying:

There were a lot of people taking steroids. They used it to make themselves better, and I can’t fault a player for doing that. It might have been illegal, but if you chastised everybody who was doing something illegal in the game there wouldn’t be anybody playing the game.

Oh I’m sorry. I was not aware that because other players were doing it, than it makes it alright. Then umpires wonder why they are so disliked by baseball fans. It’s because of morons like McClelland.

Not everybody was using steroids back then. Somebody should’ve made McClelland aware of the fact that steroids is illegal in the country. Jailtime is usually the penalty.

He should be disciplined for promoting the use of steroids. You do not make a statement like that. It just gives kids more of a reason to think it’s okay to use.

I therefore nominate umpire Tim McClelland for induction into the Hall of Shame.

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Ed Leyro

Really? Is this the same Tim McClelland who was the home plate umpire in George Brett’s pine tar game and the Sammy Sosa corked bat game? I guess it’s okay to use a banned item in the country to improve your game but heaven forbid if you do something to the bat!


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