Castillo Taking The Hits

By / February 26, 2009 / Spring Training

So Luis Castillo has finally decided to shut the fans up with his bat. It did help that he lost some of that excess baby fat he was trudging around the bases last season.

Mr. Castillo, despite it is only two games and they are only exhibition games, is hitting a robust .750 average. Ladies and gentlemen, I kid you not.

In his first game against the lowly Baltimore Orioles, who I’m sure a baseball team made up of infants and grandparents could beat, yesterday afternoon, Castillo had two hits (more than he ever had in a week of his playing time last year) and four RBI’s.

During today’s game against the Florida Marlins, Mr. Slim and Trim had one hit, walked twice, and scored two runs.

The man is a machine. Somebody! Quick! Stop him! On second thought, leave the man alone. He’s finally doing something. Let’s just hope he can keep it up when the regular season starts.

On a serious note:

Should Castillo continue to play great baseball through Spring Training, I am making a request to Mets fans. When he comes to the plate at Citi Field on Opening Night (does that really make any sense to you?), DO NOT BOO HIM!!!

It is our job, as fans of the New York Mets, to encourage him. I understand he did not do much to give you reason to do such a thing, but he is a Met nonetheless.

If he bombs out after a month, well then he is on his own.

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Ed Leyro

What if we boo him but say that we’re saying Loooooo in honor of his first name? I still think no matter what Castillo does, Orlando Hudson would’ve been a better fit. To think that Hudson is making less money this season than Castillo makes me dislike him even more. Castillo’s salary is the only reason Hudson is not a Met today. Loooooo!!


I understand where you’re coming from ed. But like Tanya says,we as Mets fans need to back up Castillo. If the Mets are to contend for a World Championship,we would need Castillo to play like he did when he was a Marlin.

Ed Leyro

I didn’t realize just how good he was when he was with the Marlins and Twins. I just looked up his stats and was amazed he hit over .300 six times. Impressive indeed. I think as long as he doesn’t go through extended cold streaks, he won’t be booed. It’s one thing to hit .300, but if he has a month where he hits .360 followed by a month in which he hits .240, he’ll still get booed even though that averages out to .300. Consistency will get the boo-birds off his case.


Dude Castillo was really good when he was with the Marlins. He got so many big hits when he played the Mets,and his defense was solid too. We need him to play like that in 09.


I agree. If the mets can get production from Castillo, their hopes of being a championship contender will be made possible. If he hits over .300, wow, watch out. I don’t remember too many met fans complaining about Castillo when we traded for him. Because, he has shown in the past that he can be an effective hitter, can use his speed, can situationally hit and play very good defense. If he can hit.280, but have a .370 OBP and score over 90 runs. I will sign up for that right now. Now, if he does something like that, having him hit 1st or 2nd would be a good thing.



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