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By / March 1, 2009 / Spring Training

UPDATE 3:00pm

The New York Post is reporting Santana’s trip to New York has been cancelled due to bad weather.

If you want some good news, here it is. After throwing a bullpen session today, Santana reported that he felt good. The exam was deemed unnecessary by the pitcher.

Minaya feels Santana will still be looked at by doctors when the doctors arrive to Port St. Lucie. No date has been set.

In drama news, Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen and the Mets ace appear to be dealing with some differences of opinion as to what caused the pain in the elbow.

Warthen claims it was Santana’s fault for pushing himself too far so he could participate in the WBC. The pitcher blames Warthen for making him pitch every other day to get him on track, which Santana has never done before.

Santana told the Post he felt over worked. I have to agree. I do not see why you would have a pitcher who is coming off of offseason elbow surgery, throw every other day. When he was healthy he never did it.

I think it was a bad call by Warthen and he needs to man up to it. Admit you made a mistake and move to find a solution.

Omar Minaya told Newsday Johan Santana will be heading back to New York for an MRI. Santana is expected back at Port St. Lucie on Monday night.

Nobody is shocked by this “precautionary” move. Minaya feels since the pitcher is being scratched from two starts, why not have his arm looked at.

It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that would be the best thing to do.

Two things can come out of this.

The doctors will either see some inflammation and there really is nothing to worry about. Or they could see something more serious like a torn tendon, which would not be the first time.

The surgery Santana had was his third on his pitching elbow. He had one while a member of the Minnesota Twins rotation to remove bone chips and another one about three years before that to repair a torn flexor tendon.

So there is even more reason to worry. If the tendon is torn, he will need surgery again and could miss significant time in the regular season.

It takes at least six weeks for the tendon to heal. Then he would have to go through rehabilition in the minors, which could take another month or two. So we would be talking about three to four months gone in the regular season.

This is the worst case scenario.

Best case scenario is that it is only tightness or inflammation. He just needs to be shut down for about a week or two and then can resume getting ready for the season.

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Ed Leyro

According to Santana himself, he said during an interview before today’s PIX telecast that he’s not worried. He was throwing every other day this spring which is something he said he had never done before. Let’s hope it’s just that and not something more serious.


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