Mets To Drop Ticket Prices

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It is possible. You have to think of it from a business perspective.

They are opening a brand new stadium. In doing so, they are aware people will pay top dollar to see it in its inaugaral season.

Going into their second year, it is possible they drop the prices. It is not a new concept. Teams all around MLB have done after their inaugaral season in a new stadium.

The most recent team to do this are the Washington Nationals. Understandably, they are a team not many care for. Yet there are other teams who have sold out games for years and have done the same thing.

In their book Public Dollars, Private Stadiums, Kevin J. Delaney and Rick Eckstein discuss how PNC Park, Miller Park, Camden Yards and Jacobs Field had done the same thing.

Everybody wants to see the new stadium. A smart businessman would think it is the perfect opportunity to maximize your profits. They know there will be a dropoff in season ticket holders during the second year in the new park.

High ticket prices give them a cushion and some wiggle room to lower prices.

The Mets were smart in how they did this. Force fans to purchase season ticket plans to get in Opening Day. Entice them to purchase 15-game plans by offering only one plan that has Opening Day in it. They know everybody wants to be there that day. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am willing to bet, next year, you will see a significant drop in ticket prices. If the Mets want to make a profit in the upcoming seasons, they will have no choice.

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