Spring Training Won’t Be The Same

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I think I’ve torn apart the World Baseball Classic quite a bit. Why not? While it may be a great idea, I think it poses too many risks for our major league players.

So here’s another reason to hate the WBC. They have taken away our major league stars.

I think it’s a shame because so many fans enjoy seeing their players play in the Spring Training games. After all, Floridian Mets fans cannot exactly come to New York on a whim to see the Mets play.

Spring Training is their way to share in what we in New York get to see during the regular season, for only one to two months. It’s being taken away only to be filled in with the “86”, “75”, and “99” numbers.

So now it is time to bid “Aduei” to 15 Mets as they go to play for their countries.

Jose Reyes (Dominican Republic); Elmer Dessens and Oliver Perez (Mexico); Carlos Beltran, Alex Cora, Carlos Delgado, Pedro Feliciano andNelson Figueroa (Puerto Rico); J.J. Putz and David Wright (United States); and Francisco Rodriguez (Venezuela).

Good luck! My the best country win!

Go Team Puerto Rico!

Make us proud boys. I’m biased. What can I say?!

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Ed Leyro

I know I’m horrible for saying this, but I hope all the countries the Mets players are representing are eliminated early so we can get our guys back.


I will root for Puerto Rico first. USA second. But i agree with Ed..i’d have no problem if any team that Mets players are on gets knocked out.


Wow, I have been saying the same thing for the last couple of days. Living in Fla I can say for the most part I don’t like the WBC. Especially being a Met fan and having all their star players gone. Going to a spring training game is like watching a Lucie Met game. But on the positive it is nice to see different players that I would not normally get a chance to see. And to see these loaded teams like Dominican, PR, Venezuela and USA . But I do want to see this end quickly!


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