Grandpa Met Set To Retire

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The MLB Network and the New York Daily News report Moises Alou will  be retiring after he plays for the Dominican Republic team in the WBC.

I knew there would be somebody else retiring before the start of the season and after the WBC.

Alou feels since no teams have shown much interest in bringing him aboard, it is time to call it a career.

Good for him! He should retire. He’s been hurt way too many times to count.

Should it work out this way, he’ll be leaving baseball with a .303 BA, 332 homers and 1,287 RBI in 1,942 big-league games.

Adios, Alou! Enjoy retirement. You were one of the best clutch hitters in baseball. Too bad your numbers will not get you into the Hall of Fame.

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Ed Leyro

He’d definitely make a fine hitting coach someday should he choose to go that route. Good luck to him in the WBC.


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