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UPDATE 3:05pm

For ticket plan holders only, your pre-sale tickets will more than likely happen this Sunday.

I just spoke with a rep at the ticket office. The letters were mailed out yesterday.

The Mets are not making any sense. Here’s what is happening with the dates you can purchase regular season single game tickets.

On Sunday, March 15 only via phone and online at 10:00 am. If you want to purchase them in person, you have to wait until the next day, March 16.

Here’s the worst part.

You can only purchase tickets for April and May games.

The Mets will make an announcement at some point when the rest of the tickets will be on sale.

Oh brother! Only the Mets! I’m just hoping this is a way to monitor how ticket sales are going to be.

Oh and exhibition game tickets are on sale this Friday, March 6 at 10:00am.

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WTF thanks for the info…

the good old days of buying tickets at ease are over…….

Ed Leyro

It’s possible they may be doing that to give people the opportunity to buy tickets during the season. Many people might have plans for a summer vacation but don’t know what dates they’re taking off. If the Mets sold tickets to all their games now, I’m sure they’d sell out games in June, July and August now before fans finalized the vacation plans and knew which dates they couldn’t come to Citi Field. By selling tickets to summer games later on, it’ll give those people a better chance to know for sure if they can make it instead of having them guess which games they can go to.

Also, they haven’t announced anything about their usual pre-sale to plan holders. Normally, they allow plan-holders to buy tickets a week in advance of the general sales. That would mean this Sunday, March 8 would be the date. However, I haven’t been notified yet of the date. I hope they didn’t discontinue this practice.

Tanya Mercado

Don’t be surprised if they did Ed. At this point, the Mets are trying to maximize profits. I don’t buy your theory about them being concerned about people’s vacations. It isn’t about giving everybody a chance to get in. If that were the case, the prices would be lower.

There is no reason for them to think every game will be sold out. Most people cannot afford the prices. I think they are just monitoring to see if they need to lower prices.

Ed Leyro

If they did announce a pre-sale and didn’t mail me a letter or e-mail me like they normally do, somebody’s going to have some ‘splainin’ to do!

Ed Leyro

Thanks for the update, Tanya. Nice to know they’re mailing them just in time. Guess I’ll have to find my way to on Sunday somehow since I might not be in New York this weekend.


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