A-Rod Gets It Back In Spades

By / March 5, 2009 / Spring Training

Poor A-Rod! Poor, poor A-Rod!

Remember that old saying, “What goes around, comes around”? How about, “It’ll come back to you in spades”?

Well Alex Rodriguez has just been reminded of theses sayings. The poor fool.

He cheats on wife, allegedly more than once. He causes problems for the Yankees and the clubhouse. He took steroids. He lied to his fans and everybody else in the baseball world.

We’re pretty sure there are other things he is not saying.

Well, it has all come full circle. The greatest player in baseball is now alone and ailing. He has no woman who loves him to take care of him when he comes home after surgery. No one to nurse him back to health.

Oh you haven’t heard?

Reports out of ESPN have been the Yankees diva third baseman has a torn labrum and a cyst on his hip. He will require surgery. Should the surgery happen, he will miss up to 10 weeks of the season.

Yanks GM Brian Cashman is hoping to avoid surgery.

Frankly, that is not a smart move. There could be more damage. Cashman is trying to keep his superstar in the line-up. He told ESPN A-Rod could miss four months if the surgery happens.

If he needs the surgery, it should happen.

Reports from ESPNdeportes.com that have come out of Colorado have said the surgery is scheduled for Monday. Cashman and agent Scott Boras both have denied such reports.

People have attributed the cyst to his steroids use. It is a possibility because it is a side effect, but not certain. Many people get cysts. This does not mean they are on or have ever taken steroids.

So no jumping to conclusions. There is no way we will find out anyway. Medical records are confidential.

Whatever happens A-Rod, try to be a nicer person. Then these things would not happen to you.

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Ed Leyro

Medical records are confidential. So was the list of 104 players who tested positive for steroids in 2003. We may just find out even though we’re not supposed to.

He should get the surgery, though. The Yankees have invested too much money in him. They need him to come back at 100% strength or else their lineup will have a hole as big as CC Sabathia’s waistline. Not getting the surgery could have serious repercussions. That’s a word that should be very familiar to A-Rod by now.


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