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I know I said that I’ve been against the World Baseball Classic for various reasons. The primary reason is the chance our players can get hurt. Yet, you cannot help but be proud of your country when they kick butt.

With that said, I am very proud of Team Puerto Rico. Last night they laid the hammer on Panama. I hope they continue the slaughter.

It would be interesting for me if it was Puerto Rico vs USA in the final round.

Carlos Delgado wore number 21, which belonged to Roberto Clemente. His number is retired in Puerto Rico. Major League Baseball needs to do the same. Another blog for another time.

Delgado sought permission from the family to don the number of the most revered baseball player in Puerto Rico. He did the number proud with a bomb and two runs in his 3-for-4 outing.

What I found the most interesting was the show that Pudge Rodriguez put on last night. Puerto Rico could not get enough of it. He smacked two homers in his 4-for-4 performance.

Pudge will definitely be getting phone calls. The two teams that have been mentioned is talks to obtain the catcher are the Mets and the Marlins.

While I think it was a great show he put on with his bat and the ability to catch all nine innings, you still have to question his durability for a 162-game season, more if the team makes it to the playoffs.

No matter he ends up, Pudge will not be playing everyday or even a majority of the games. He will be a back-up.

I’m sure Omar Minaya and company are definitely keeping their eyes on him. They’ve made it no secret they want a catcher because they have little faith in Ramon Castro.

I’m not sure I’m completely sold on Pudge. It’s only one game. It should be an interesting series.

May the best team  (Puerto Rico) win.

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Puerto Rico looked so good yesterday. If not for Pudge,everyone would be talking about Delgado’s show last night. Great game. Go Puerto Rico !


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