Only A Matter of Time

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I expect a certain Dominican to get a phone call once the Dominicans are kicked out of the Classic.

Why? Here’s a couple of reasons:

Tim Redding pitched to a bunch of college kids and got knocked around for five runs in one-third of an inning.

Freddy “Mr. Over-20-ERA” Garcia made a mild improvement. He gave up no runs. The bad note? He hit two batters in two innings. Oi vey!

Livan Hernandez pitched against the Washington Nationals. His results were not that bad, but still do not qualify. In three innings pitched, he gave up only one run on four hits.

Bobby Parnell and Jonathan Niese are no closer than anybody else.

What could block Pedro Martinez from being called back? His price tag.

He made it perfectly clear in an interview a few weeks back with ESPN he is not going to work cheap. If he does not find a place willing to pay him, he will retire and just “go fishing”.

I’m thinking this man is going to come at a very high price. Somewhere in ballpark of no less than $10 million for one year.

Is he worth it? That’s up to Omar Minaya and company to decide. I would probably make the call considering nothing is materializing from the stockpile of pitchers Minaya brought in.

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