Sanchez Is Gone

By / March 10, 2009 / Spring Training

As I’m sure all of you are now aware of, Duaner Sanchez has been released by the Mets. According to, the Mets will be saving $1.35 million of his $1,687,500 contract.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I was reading what Dan Wharten had to say about Sanchez during the course of Spring Training. He thinks Sanchez was fairing well. His velocity was increasing as he went through Spring Training.

I wonder if this move was a little premature. If what Wharten said is true, then why would they cut him?

Reports said Sanchez was upset by the move. You can’t blame him. He loved playing on the Mets and he worked very hard. Omar Minaya apparently agrees. He had this to say in the Daily News:

We looked at it, really, his overall performance based upon last year to where he is now.

We really didn’t see the improvement we felt was needed to be effective in the major leagues. I thought he was improving some. We sat down and talked about it yesterday, late after the game.

Sanchez defended himself stating:

I don’t like the result… I like how my arm feels and everything else. I’m not worried about the shoulder.

When you get the results is when the season starts. … Last season basically was part of my rehab, if you put it that way. You’re doing rehab for a year and a half and are jumping right into the season.

I got no rest or anything else. It was just part of the rehab. Did I like the results from last season? No. Definitely no. That’s not me. But I was trying to compete with what I had last year.

I wish him a lot of luck. He was a great player. I’m sad to see him go.

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