Good For Him!

By / March 16, 2009 / Injuries, Spring Training

It seems that our favorite Philadelphia Phillie, Colbert Hamels, is about to get what he deserves.

It was reported by that Hamels is heading to the City of Inferiority Complexes to have his poor little elbow examined. He’s been experiencing some soreness.

While it seems Phillies GM Ruben Amaro, Jr. is not too concerned, he wants the elbow examined anyway.

I wonder why? Could it be because Colbert has had a history of injuries. Prior to last year, the DL and Hamels had become the best of friends.

A shoulder injury during his first season in the bigs (2006) knocked him to the 15-day DL.

In 2007, he was again placed on the 15-day DL for a mild elbow strain.

He managed to stay healthy during the 2008 season, lucky for the Phillies.

Colbert is scheduled to for an examination on Tuesday.

This is what happens when you flap your gums way too much.

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Ed Leyro

Maybe all those innings he was asked to pitch last year are catching up to him. As much as I wouldn’t mind a trip to the DL by Colbert, I think he’ll be fine. I do wish he could take Captain Flappy (Chase Utley) with him so they could get their brains examined as well. It appears they have the Mets on their minds a little too much.


I hope Colbert is ok and healthy all year. I want the Mets to beat the Phillies with all their top players in the lineup. But i’ll admit..the way Colbert keeps on yapping about the Mets..yep it could not happen to a nicer guy. What a goon that Colbert !


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