A Dilemma That Will Never Change

By / March 19, 2009 / Spring Training

One would think finding a number five starter would not be that big of a challenge. Yet, just like everything else in the not-so-wonderful world of Mets Nation, is not that easy.

Omar Minaya stockpiled starters during the offseason. He brought in Tim “The-Fifth-Spot-Is-Mine” Redding, Freddy “Highest-Spring-ERA” Garcia, and Livan “I-Look-Like-The-Latino-Godfather” Hernandez.

He brought back Nelson “Cannot-Get-Through-4 innings” Figueroa.

The farm system already had Jonathan Niese. Yet the Mets, and I 1,000 percent agree, feel the kid is not ready.

So what is happening now?

Well the Mets have pretty much narrowed it down, not on their own either.

Garcia helped to eliminate himself with the most pitiful spring outings I’ve ever witnessed. I knew this would be a bomb. He won’t even make the bullpen. He had another lousy outing yesterday giving up five runs in only two innings of work.

Redding is still nursing that sore shoulder of his. So the Mets have shut him down.

Hernandez has pitched decently during his spring appearances. They have not been the nightmarish outings that Garcia and Redding have had. Just decent enough that he might be able to slip into the number five spot.

Even Mets manager Jerry Manuel is impressed with him. When he was talking about Hernandez’s outing, Manuel had this to say:

I would have to say he’s put himself in a real good position.

So if Minaya does not sign another pitcher, it seems that Hernandez will be your number five man.

And when he goes down who will step in? Who knows?!

I can be pessimistic because the Mets just do not have seem to have enough luck when it comes to the starting rotation. I think bad decisions were made.

I would’ve rathered get a great pitcher for a lot of money, than stockpiling pitchers who are coming off of having offseason surgeries. Say what you will! They were bad moves.

While Minaya revamped and solidified that hell-hole they called a bullpen, the rotation was neglected. Somebody forgot the rotation is just as important as the bullpen.

This rotation will never be solid unless a dramatic move is made. So before everybody starts singing the song “We are the champions”, I suggest Minaya makes another move.

My predictions for the rotation?

John Maine and Hernandez will not last the entire season. So who will step in? Redding and Garcia?

Get ready! Start stocking up TUMS or whatever it is you take. It could be another long season. Are you ready?

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