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It is no secret that I was completely against the World Baseball Classic. Yet even I could not help but root hard for Team Puerto Rico. It was an exciting set of games.

Naturally I was bitterly disappointed when Puerto Rico was knocked out by the USA team. At the same time I was glad to know the Mets players are going back to camp. Now even those on the USA team and Venezuelan team will be back at camp.

We all had a great time watching the WBC. At the same time, following these games so closely, you can understand why I am against our players participating in it.

Take Team USA for example. They lost guys left and right. From Chipper Jones to Kevin Yokilis. They were all going down. David Wright looked like he was going to be the next victim of the WBC.

In case you did not hear, he cracked his toe when he fouled a pitch off of it during the game against Venezuela last week. Wright thought he might have broken it.

Now, if you are Wright and you think you broke your toe, are you going to play the game? Well, apparently, if you’re Wright, you do play.

He has to be the biggest idiot. You do not go out and continue to play if you’re in pain like that and you feel there is a possibility the toe is broken.

The WBC has knocked all common sense out of these players. These guys are literally risking the regular season for this.

It is not that serious!

I was beyond upset when I read what David Wright said. He said that if the Mets told him not to continue playing in the WBC, he would overrule them.

Really? It isn’t like you the owe the Mets anything, right David?  I mean, after all, they’re the ones who are paying you. Last I checked, the WBC is not paying you $55 million.

Johan Santana makes more than Wright and when the Mets told him not to play, he listened. I have to agree with Jerry Manuel with this one. In the NY Post last week, Manuel was quoted as saying:

He probably shouldn’t have played if he felt he had a broken toe, no question about that.

I have a hard time believing Manuel when he said that he was not upset with Luis Sojo, who was the manager of Team Venezuela, for using K-Rod in non-save situations. I was actually pissed that he was brought in needlessly. I think it was reckless on the part of Sojo.

Too many players were injured during the Classic. Managers were reckless in how they used their players. Davey Johnson should’ve pulled out Wright. Sojo should’ve used K-Rod only when necessary.

While the Classic was enjoyable, I still do not agree with it. Too much is put on the line. Players could’ve missed out on an entire season with their major league baseball clubs.

What would have happened to the Mets if Wright had broken his toe? Their season would have been put in jeopardy without Wright…even if he was out for a month.

We cannot forget K-Rod. With his declining velocity, he was overused. What is going to happen during the regular season when he is called in to get his outs? JJ Putz will have to be put in the game in his place.

This year proved what we have been saying about the WBC. While it is great and fun to watch, there really is no place for it. If this is something MLB seriously wants to keep, they need to use non-major league players so as not to jeopardize a team’s season.

If they are going to continue to use major league players, Major league clubs need to set limits on their players so they can protect their investments.

I think MLB needs to re-think this World Baseball Classic. Bud Selig should get together with the owners and the GM’s to discuss ways to protect the MLB players.

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