Rivalry To Reach Fever Pitch

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Apparently the Philadelphia Phillies have a tremendous issue with Jose Reyes and his little celebratory antics. Even one of their broadcasters, Larry Andersen, had an issue to the point where he said that “someone ought to put one in his neck”.

I have no problem with Reyes acting that way. You want to celebrate, you do your thing.

So here’s my question.

How will the Phillies, their fans, and their broadcasters react to K-Rod? Nobody celebrates more than him. This could escalate the rivalry.

Francisco Rodriguez made it known he has no intention of toning down his emotions. He shouldn’t have to.

K-Rod is the most fired up pitcher in all of baseball. No one is going to be able to tell him to tone it down. Even if someone did, I doubt he would listen. If you have a problem with it, it is exactly that…YOUR PROBLEM!

The Phillies think they have the ultimate closer in Brad Lidge. For one season he did his thing. Kudos to him for doing it. But do you think he can have another perfect season? Not even Mariano Rivera, the ultimate closer in baseball history, has accomplished that feat.

K-Rod is not going to keep his emotions to himself. Neither is Reyes. If the Mets have to deal with players from other teams admiring their home runs, then the Mets can celebrate all they want.

You want to hate the Mets? Go right ahead! The Mets could care less if you do. Mets fans could care less if you do.

I would love to see the reaction on the faces of the Phillies players when K-Rod is on the mound celebrating each strikeout he gets.

Could it cause a brawl? Why not! I always said a bench clearing fight is all this rivalry needs. With a guy like K-Rod on the mound and a zero tolerance for celebrating policy with the Phillies, we just might get it.

Get ready Mets fans! Round one commences Friday, May 1st at 7:05pm. This rivalry is about to escalate into one Mets fans have never seen before.

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Ed Leyro

Can you really call it a brawl if there are no punches thrown by the Philthies? It’ll just be Colbert Hamels slapping people and pulling their hair, Ryan Howard swinging and missing (as usual) and Chase Utley trying to kick someone but instead ending up with his foot inserted in his own mouth. If they fight during that first series, C.J. Romero will still be suspended so he won’t be there to say “Hulk Smash”.

Seriously, this might put some “fight” (pun very much intended) into the Mets should they brawl. They should let it be known that they’ve had enough of being called chokers and they should take it to the Philthies every chance they get!


Lol..at Ed’s comments. I do think that what has happend over the last two years between the Mets and Phils will make things crazy. Now we add the Phils ( Hello Colbert. ) calling the Mets chokers…yeah the Mets have had enough of this nonsense..and if one Phillie pops his mouth off during a game vs the Mets..oh yeah it’s on ! I’m sure the fire David Wright showed in the WBC will be there for all the Phillies to see. I can’t wait to see K-Rod get pumped after the first of his many saves over the Phillies. Who cares if the Phils don’t like K-Rod getting pumped. Screw them !


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