Not Impressed! Should I Be?

By / March 25, 2009 / Spring Training

I finally got to watch a spring training game today. Unfortunately, it was a game that Oliver Perez pitched. I was anything but impressed with what I saw.

I do not know how the organization expects to get anywhere with the rotation they currently have. Perez threw over 90 pitches and did not make it through four innings. He was tattooed for six runs. I’m not sure if is aware of it, but the regular season is right around the corner.

I was never a big supporter of Perez. He has serious control issues. Without control, he is not productive. He is not going to get it done for this team. If he does not pull it together, he will hurt more than help this team.

I was impressed with the team itself as they were able to come back from a 6-1 deficit in the fifth inning to tie the game 6-6.

The Mets bullpen gave up another four runs to make it 10-6 Tigers.

I was impressed with Bobby Parnell and I’m hoping he makes the team out of camp.

With what I have seen, I am hoping that I am wrong, this team is not going to make it into the playoffs. Yes, I know it is spring training, for those of you who are going to start harping on me about it. But you can tell alot about a team by spring training.

Once again, the pitchers are not getting it done. This is going to be the death of this team. Omar Minaya may not have a choice but to bring in somebody in a trade. As much as I like John Maine, he has not done much. Perez is still erratic. Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey are going to be the solid starters for this team. Not sure how I feel about Livan Hernandez. I need to see more from him to really give my thoughts on him.

I’m not comfortable with this team. I’m not too worried about the offense. I’m not worried at all about the bullpen. Only the starting rotation.

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