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Spoke with someone at the ticket office today 3/28/09. They do not know what will happen tomorrow with the game if it rains.

They gave me a number to call tomorrow if the game is canceled due to rain: 718-507-rain (7246).

If you have tickets for Sunday’s game, St. John’s vs Georgetown, it might be rained out.

I spoke with someone at the Mets ticket office and was told if they “are scrambling around to get a contingency plan together“. They aren’t sure what that plan is yet.

They are thinking of doing one of two things:

  1. Hold the money if fans want to purchase Mets tickets.
  2. Give out refunds.

Since it is not a Mets game, the game will more than likely not be rescheduled. Makes sense!

I was told to call tomorrow or Sunday for more information. If you were hoping they would open the stadium to the fans like some people have asked me, it won’t happen.

That’s all I have for now.

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