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Note: There really is a lot to say about Citi Field. So this will be broken into separate blogs. Here’s the first one.

Before I start, congratulations to the Georgetown Hoyas for winning today’s game. I was hoping the St. Johns would win. No such luck!

What a horrible day for a ballgame! I almost wished for a downpour so I could stay home, curled up under the bed sheets. It was freezing and dreary.

First tip for Citi Field:

Dress warm for those chilly days!
Seriously! It was a lot colder there than it ever was at Shea Stadium.

There are a lot of things to look forward to at Citi Field. One of my initial thoughts when I started to walk around the park is that it looked like an oversized version of Keyspan Park. If you’ve ever been there, you would understand what I mean.

The Jackie Robinson rotunda, while it was not finished, is pretty cool. As you enter the rotunda, you will see plasma screen TV’s that talk about who he was and his contributions to the game.

If you were like me, you were wondering exactly where the giant “42” was placed. It’s behind the escalators. Did not make sense to me, unless they wanted to keep the front area as crowd free as possible.

The seats are truly amazing. They were not kidding when they said there is not a bad seat in the house…with the exception of the seats in left field. More on that later.

The Fan Fest area looks like it will be fun. While there was no fun to be had, they let the fans look around. There will be a Kiddie Stadium. The kids get to play on a mini-baseball field they created.

There is also a dunk tank. Really! I guess even Hershey Park wanted to get in on the games. They should’ve stayed in Pennsylvania.

There will be a video game area as well as batting cages.

There is a snack bar that has the skyline that was located on the scoreboard at Shea Stadium. Looks like they really wanted to try to bring in some of the old park.

It was different to see the bullpen from the back. Right behind the bullpen is the Home Run Apple from Shea Stadium. It was huge…but the new one is even bigger.

Now there are two clubs that I saw that were outstanding and I plan to be lounging out in one of them quite often, like on those cold nights.

For those of you who have tickets for the Caesar’s Club, I can tell you that you will not be disappointed.

It is a giant lounge separated with curtains. There are sofas and plasma tv’s on one side with giant windows that overlook the front of Citi Field. On the opposite side you will find a bar, tables and very comfortable chairs. I thought the food was a little bit more expensive in their despite it was the same thing. Maybe it was just me.

From what I saw, you have to go through the Caesar’s Club in order to get to the Caesar’s Club seats.

Straight down the hall from the Caesar’s Club you will find the Acela Club. It is not that much different. I did not get to see much of it because I was relaxing and warming up in the Caesar’s Club. I really did not want to leave.

The Pepsi Porch has a great view of the entire park. I definitely cannot complain about it. I would love to sit there.

From all parts of the park, that I saw, you can see the scoreboard. Remember those higher seats in Mezz and Loge at Shea? You couldn’t see the scoreboard. I did not have that problem today. If any of you did, let me know.

Speaking of the scoreboard, it was incredible. There are some problems. That will be in the next blog. I will say that it was crystal clear…just like watching your plasma sets at home.

There was an interesting feature along the right field seats right under the Promenade section. There is a smaller screen which features closed captioning. Everything that was announced on the PA system was shown there.  I’ve never seen that at any other ballpark, not that I’ve been to many. Great job by the Mets in getting that put there!

Second tip for Citi Field:

Bring ear plugs!
They have a killer sound system that could only be Bose. The music was really loud…not so much the announcer. Maybe it was another snafoo. You could feel the music in your chest. I jumped a few times when I was not expecting it.

For the shopaholic in all of us, there are loads of stores.

Ladies it has finally happened. We have our own store. Alyssa Milano has opened up shop in the stadium. It’s called Touch. It is located near the Pepsi porch.

The prices are a little exorbitant. A pair of pants will cost you $50 while the jackets are $80. The Mets jeans are kind of cute. So save your pennies if you want to buy anything.

I liked the fact they have elevators in the park. Walking up the stairs, yes there are no walkways like at Shea, only lots and lots of stairs, can make you pretty winded if you are not in shape. Kuods to the person who thought about that. Mucho apreciado!

Third tip for Citi Field:

Get a map!
I cannot tell you how many times I almost got lost. It could be something that only happens to me though. Although my friend also lost  his way at some point.

Well I think I have covered everything. I am going to leave it here for now.

The pictures that I put up can tell you the rest of the story. You want to know about the drawbacks? I’ll save that part for tomorrow.

If I left out anything that you thought was cool when you went, leave a comment to tell everybody about it. Thanks!

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Very good blog and detailed as always…..very informative… jealous u went to those clubs……and glad u went to different sections…’s going to be a fun season, and very exciting to try different seating locations that are somewhat reasonable, lol

Let’s Go Mets

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Alan. I was looking into the prices. The cheapest prices for the Caesar’s Club are $69. Crazy! Maybe one day I’ll splurge to see what it’s like during the season.

Tanya Mercado

Ray, don’t listen to Ed. It was frigid. I was so cold my joints hurt. But it was pretty awesome. You have to come to NY to check out the new park.

Ed Leyro

Cold is just in the mind. Just think of hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, etc. It’ll warm you up in no time.


I saw the Mets play in Pitt last summer, face value of my ticket was 27.00, and i sat 15 rows behind the dugout, lol…. it’s cheaper to see them on the


The sound system is JBL speaker components and Crown power amplifiers. MUCH better than anything Bose could do.


The sound system is JBL speaker components and Crown power amplifiers. MUCH better than anything Bose could do.


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