Ceremonial First Pitch

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For those of you who missed two of the biggest New York Mets icons on sad last Sunday afternoon at Shea Stadium, you have a second chance.

It has been announced by the NY Daily News that Tom Seaver and Mike Piazza will be on hand to throw the ceremonial first pitch at Citi Field on Opening Day, April 13th.

What will be different? Instead of them walking into the outfield and closing the doors on our beloved stadium, they’ll be helping to welcome in a (hopefully) new era for the New York Mets.

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Ed Leyro

I sure do hope Seaver and Piazza’s appearance usher in a memorable season at Citi Field. Unfortunately, the last official pitch at Shea was thrown by a lousy reliever. The first official pitch at Citi Field will be thrown by Mike Pelfrey. That’s already an upgrade!


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