The Worst Seats At Citi Field

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So I stand corrected as far as there not being any bad seats in the stadium. Andrew over at The ‘Ropolitans (I’m sure you’ve heard of the site) found the absolute worst seats.

I saw the pictures and I am in agreement. Try not end up in the back rows of Sections 534-538 on the Promenade Level. Its right behind the left field wall.

For $27 dollars it might not bother you. It is possible to see the field. But if a ball is popped up or on its way to being a home run, you will have no clue until it lands. You will only be able to see ground balls.

Kudos to Andrew for checking that out.

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Section 334 was bad also, we sat in the back sections, but i assume it’s all the same in that section…. there was one ball hit to LF and we could not tell what happend….we did not see how the LF missed the ball, we had to wait to hear the crowds reaction….i think that is lame…


I am planning a trip there but they are playing Yanks. Tix are hard to get.
Do you know if Promenade tickets allow you access to walk around the whole park and check it out?


Tanya Mercado

Yes. You can walk around the whole park. You just will not have access to the different clubs there. Otherwise, you can see everything else. You’ll enjoy it.


Thanks Tanya! I appreciate your letting me know. We are looking forward to the trip.


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