Mets Are The 2009 World Series Champs

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Really? That is an interesting and bold proclamation Sports Illustrated is set to be making when their new issue comes out tomorrow.

Not even I would make such a statement, nor am I about to start betting online.

I will be honest with you. You all know I sugar coat nothing. I tell it like it is and this is the way it is.

The Mets have no shot at the playoffs, never mind the World Series with that pitching rotation.

Once again, it will be pitching that will be the demise of this team unless Omar Minaya gets off his butt and does something. Truth be told, the pitchers are not doing anything, mainly Oliver Perez and John Maine.

Do not even start talking about, “Perez had a good outing last night”.Big whoopdidoo! One outing means nothing to me. I want consistency.

Give me back-to-back good outings. Actually, in his case, give me five consecutive great outings and maybe I’ll back off. Until then, its fire and brimstone for him.

Perez was killed by the media, pitching coach Dan Warthen and manager Jerry Manuel. The man came to camp out of shape. I’m glad he was put on notice by Warthen and Manuel. Light a fire under his butt so maybe he’ll actually get his act together.

Maine is still not going to be able to get through five innings. That is not good enough. He needs to get stronger and give the Mets at least six to seven innings.

I really do not think Livan Hernandez will make it through the entire season. Only the good Lord knows that one. For all we know he’s 55 years old and is on the verge of a breakdown. Freddy Garcia better work hard.

The only reliable starters are Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey. Some have questioned Pelfrey’s durability. I do not think it is an issue. He showed no signs of wearing out last year. He can handle the workload.

As for Santana, I really do not think I have to say anything. He’s just the ace and he’ll get it done.

What does Minaya think? According to,

“I think we’re a good team, but we’ve been a good team on paper for the past three years, and all we have to show for it right now is one playoff appearance.”

So if you haven’t picked up the new issue of Sports Illustrated which is the baseball preview issue, go grab it. It will provide for an interesting read.

Oh and if any Yankee fan is reading this, good luck to your team. CC Sabathia is on the cover. Ever hear of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx?

Interesting season indeed!

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good points on the starting rotation, but i think they have a shot at the playoffs….this was the same rotation last year without maine at the end of the season, and a shaky 5th starter in pedro and whoever they filled in…

yet this team was 1 game from the WC….

this team can score runs, they scored the 2nd amount in the league last year, so if they can perform that again, and now with putz to krod, they should win more games then last year…

Tanya Mercado

I understand your point. I’ve thought about that too, Alan. But everybody has upped their game. The Mets will not be lucky this year. They need to actually go out and win games. They need to pitch, not just hit. The hits are not always going to come. There will be a point when the hitters cannot pick up the pitchers.


I’m one who likes balance on a team no matter the sport. Look at the NY Rangers since the coaching change and the return of Sean Avery. Now they are playing some good hockey rolling 4 lines and beating teams like the Devils. With the Mets i think they have that same balance with a very solid batting order, strong bullpen and yes i do have my concerns over the starters, but i still think they should make the playoffs as Eastern Division champs. With Jerry leading the way they have balance everything is just right with this team.

Ed Leyro

There are some definite holes on this team. We’re depending on unproven guys (Daniel Murphy), guys coming off seasons with injuries (Ryan Church, Luis Castillo, John Maine), and guys who are coming off their first good season (Mike Pelfrey). It would be difficult for all of the question marks to come through with solid seasons. That’s why I’m hoping that Omar doesn’t stand pat at the trade deadline if there is a need to make a trade like he did last year. The Mets were counting on a better September in 2008 than the one they had in 2007 and didn’t make upgrades for the stretch run. Oopsie. Billy Wagner went down and they had no plan B. This year, unless if they are running away with the division, Omar must consider making a deal at the trade deadline. It must be one that will either fill an immediate hole that needs to be filled or for quality depth in the event of another injury to a key player. Otherwise, the only October games we’ll be watching will be on the gridiron and the rink.


Here’s my take. They’ve improved an area from last season that we thought was good but broke down and failed (namely the bullpen). I won’t feel comfortable until May saying if it works.


I don’t think the Mets are making the playoffs either, but I think you’re being too pessimistic regarding the starters. Amazingly, it’s still better than most teams. Maine is decent but only a 5+ inning pitcher. Although it’s become a platitiude, “Ollie is Ollie.” Then there’s Pelfrey and the Verducci Effect” to worry about (way elevated innings in prior season vs. # of innings pitched before=down season; theory is most always correct predictor). I’m more worried about all the questions w/the lineup: Schneider/Castro is an injury waiting to happen; Church; Castillo (note he’s down to .255 BA in spring training). I see them as an 85 win team. But you’re even more pessimistic.


I understand where you’re coming from Ed. Yes the Mets are putting a lot of stock on guys like Murphy..but i must say that from the little we saw last season and what we’ve seen in spring training i gotta say i think Murphy is more than ready. He will be a big part of the Mets offense. I see .286 avg 16 hr 84 rbi for Murphy. I’ll take that from our # 2 hitter.

Ed Leyro

I can definitely see Murphy hitting .286 but since he will probably lose some at-bats to Tatis, I don’t see him getting more than 500 at-bats. That would make it very difficult for him to get 84 RBI in the 2-hole. That being said, I sure hope your prediction for him is on target. The Mets haven’t had a 2-hitter drive in that many runs in years.


The beauty of baseball, you don’t need a lot of stars to win games. And, really that is this baseball team. Some unproven players, some stars, and question marks. But, baseball is such a long season. And there are so many moves that help improve ball clubs, that we can’t get caught up on who is winning what in march. Remember, last year, everyone picked the mariners to win the AL west. What happened? I think we can better evaulate this team in mid May. I think of the last 10 world series champs and they had timely clutch hitting, very good number 1-3 starters, a shut-down bullpen, and a lot of role players. They mets could have that by the mid way point.


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