Sheffield Joins Mets For 2009 Run

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Joel Sherman was the first to break the news that the New York Mets had signed Gary Sheffield.

Here’s my take on it.

I  never wanted the man on the team. He’s an overly aggressive frogmouth. He embarresses himself and the team that he plays on.

Now with all that said, there are benefits to bringing Sheffield on board. He is an upgrade over Marlon Anderson, who may just get cut. Nobody can argue that.

Does he still have pop in that bat?

I hope so. I’m sure he has a little left over. I’m sure pitchers will quake when they have to face him.

His numbers were awful last year, which was due to injuries. He batted .225 with 19 homers. During spring training, his bat was pretty dead with a .178 BA.

What could the Mets be thinking bringing him on?

They are not quite sure Ryan Church will get the job done. They could still be worried about his health and how he’ll hold up over the course of the season.

I think he could’ve. But this will give him more chances to rest. It’ll keep him fresh. With that bad shoulder Sheff has, I’m not sure he can make the throws from right field.

I’m sure this was also a move to block the Phillies from getting him.

What do the Mets need to do?

If this is going to work, the Mets really should be considering hitting him with a gag order. We don’t need him making comments to the media that will embarress the organization and his teammates.

The Mets and management are completely on board with this. I will say that I have to commend Omar Minaya for really doing his homework on this. I guess he really knew what the repercussions could be.

Minaya stated that he did talk to Jerry Manuel about bringing Sheffield to the team, along with the coaches and players. Probably wanted to make sure Manuel could control him if he gets out of hand.

Manuel also had a conversation with Detroit Tigers manager, Jim Leyland who gave positive feedback on the player.

Management is aware that Sheffield does need work before he can actually be productive.

What was comforting to hear was Minaya telling Mike Francesca on WFAN that Sheffield was told he would have to earn his playing time. I’m shocked that Sheffield agreed to this.

Manuel had this to say:

I think the first thing we’ll do, as a staff, is make sure and get him in shape to play an outfield position, so for the first few days I think we’ll spend a lot of time on extra work, preparing him to, like I said, work him back to playing an outfield position.

I hope and pray this works out. I’m all for anything that will help this team win. If Sheffield helps to bring a championship to Flushing, then let’s do this.

My advice to Sheffield:

Just play the game. Don’t talk to the media. Please do not be the A-Rod of the New York Mets.

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I will say that when i got the word of Sheffield becoming a Met. I was shocked..i thought he was going to the Phillies. I did not want him as a Met for all the reasons you listed. Plus i think his bat has slowed down just a bit. I don’t know about this move but i guess as you said this is an upgrade over Anderson. If Sheffield becomes a headache or does not produce then the Mets can just release him. Low risk high reward for the Mets.


If this deal is finalized I am very excited! We need a bat and a batter that puts fear into the opposing pitcher. Yes, he is 40 but if I was a pitcher I would be intimidated by him. The current lineup has some great players but nobody that instills that fear factor.

Ed Leyro

I’ll be happy with this deal when he takes Colbert and Mr. AARP deep a few times.


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