He Couldn’t Grip The Baseball?

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There’s a word for people like Oliver Perez. Yet, once again, I cannot dunce_cap_11express it on this site due to the “G” rating I have for it.

After yesterday’s deplorable outing (I mean are we really shocked at this point?) by our favorite pitcher, Jerry Manuel had this to say:

From what I understand, he couldn’t find a way to grip the baseball.

Is this a joke? Please tell me it is a sick joke! The man “[could not] find a way to grip the baseball”?

For $36 million he better find a way.

I’m sure all of you who were at the game wanted to pound Perez into another realm. After a 6-run first inning that included a grand slam, I would’ve slammed him right back to where he came from.

Perez has no business pitching if he cannot figure out how to grip a baseball.

Please do not come out with excuses citing the weather. Yankees pitchers have done it for years and still won championships. Same thing with the Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers, and it gets pretty cold in Detroit.

I’m really not happy. Perez is never going to get it together. He’s sloppy. With that Pepsi Porch in right field, opposing hitters are going to have a field day with him.

Perez needs to seriously figure out a way to get ground balls. He gives up too many home runs. This is where Citi Field is not pitcher friendly. If Perez cannot get it done, I strongly reccomend for management to ship him out. If you have to eat the contract, so be it.

I am not going to accept anything less than a playoff run this year. Oliver Perez puts that in jeopardy pitching the way that he does.This guy is turning out to be a joke.

Get your act together or hit the road before we run you out of town, Ollie.

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Ed Leyro

Between now and his first start on Thursday, I think Dan Warthen should work with Ollie on gripping drills. Nothing but gripping for hours. Then if he fails in Cincinnati on Thursday, he’ll need a new excuse. They’ve already used the WBC excuse. Now it’s the gripping excuse. There are only so excuses in the book. Just give us some consistency, Ollie! No one will feel the need to make excuses for you if you’re consistent.

Tanya Mercado

At the rate he is going, maybe he should just be the number five. I think a trip down to AAA is in order if he goes chaotic again. One way or the other, he needs to be fixed. It isn’t working at the major league level.


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