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The Mets have continued their incredible Opening Day history with the win today against the Cincinnati Reds. At the same time, they defied history.

The Mets started with a poor winning percentage at the start of the franchise. After eight years of losses, the Mets started to win. Since 1970, the Mets have gone 30-9 to start their season.

The last time the Mets played against the Reds for opening day in Cincy was back in 1984 and 2005. They lost both games.

Today was a different story. With a home run by Daniel Murphy to start the offense and 5 2/3 stellar innings by Johan Santana, the Mets have started off their season with 1-0 win.

Santana proved he was the ace by only allowing three hits, walked four, struck out seven and gave up one run.

He handed the ball over to the bullpen.

Sean Green came in to pitch 1.1 innings not giving up a hit.

JJ Putz had some trouble, but managed to work through it. He came in the game in the eighth. He walked one guy and struckout another.

Naturally, K-Rod came in to shut the game down.

The season has officially begun my friends. Enjoy it! It will be one for the ages.

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Ed Leyro

I hope today’s performance by the bullpen is a sign of things to come. Last year, taking Johan out with a one-run lead in the sixth had a good chance of turning into a no-decision. Not so today. The bullpen won’t be as good as they were today every game, but after watching today’s game, I know I won’t be as nervous with small leads as I used to be.


A nice win indeed for the Mets. I know it’s one game but after last year’s poison pen, it was so beautiful to see our bullpen shut it down, with only a one run lead. Green,Putz and Frankie ‘Don’t call me K-Rod anymore’ Rodriguez just got it done plan and simple. Danny ‘The Hammer’ Murphy is gonna be a star just watch.

Tanya Mercado

Thanks Diane. Welcome aboard. Your site is so cute. I loved it. Thanks for sharing it here.

As for Billy, I have a funny feeling he’ll be back in August. I don’t see the Mets trading him. I’m sure they’ll give him some closing opportunities to rest Frankie (since he doesn’t want to be called K-Rod anymore) and Putz. They need them for the playoffs. Despite he said he has played his last game as a Met, it’s up to the Mets.


Tanya, you think Billy will be ready by August? WOW. If he comes back throwing in the mid 90s with control. I think that the bullpen will be dangerous! He could come in to pitch against tough lefties (aka Utley and Howard).


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