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While the seats in the top rows (13 and up) of Promenade sections 535-538 are bad because of the out-of-town scoreboard, I found something interesting there.

Yes, parts of the field are blocked off. You will not know if a home run is hit until you hear the crowd react. Yes, it is very cold and windy up there.

I’m sure the Mets anticipated this. To counter the view problems, the Mets have set up plasma screens right behind the scoreboard.

At least they used their heads. I would’ve preferred them not have the scoreboard there at all, but at least they have something there so the fans do not miss a thing.

That is where I will be sitting on Opening Night!

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Ed Leyro

I noticed some seats underneath the Pepsi Porch had the same plasma screens. Those seats in the right field reserved would need them because the overhang of the Pepsi Porch won’t allow people there to see where fly balls are. Enjoy Opening Night! I can’t wait for the Mets to win that night so I can read your happy recap!


Great idea by the Mets in adding the HDTV’s so the fans won’t miss a thing. But is it me or is it waaaayyy colder up there then the Upper Deck at Shea ever was ?


Here is the thing. The tvs are a good idea. But, lets be honest. No one is paying 35 dollars a ticket, to watch the game on tv, in the freezing cold. lol. But, what is great, is unlike shea. You don’t have to stay in your seat to enjoy the game. You can find standing areas, with great views, go get something to eat, and have a good view.


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