Its Good Versus Evil. Or Is It?

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After the signing of Gary Sheffield, I started thinking about Ryan Church. This signing has just started a battle between the two players.

So it is only natural, after all the stories I’ve read about Sheffield, to think this is going to be a classic case of good vs. evil. Good guy against bad guy…and whatever else you can think of.

We all know the baggage that comes with Sheff. I’ve written about it and so has everybody else. When he had signed with the Yankees, I thought it was a match made in heaven. Evil with the Evil Empire.

It has also been talked about constantly. Will this motivate Church?

I’m sorry. I did not realize he needed motivation. I thought after the two concussions last season and all the talk about him not being able to hit, that was motivation enough.

Church has always been the work-hard-and-do-whatever-it-takes-to-win guy. So has Sheff. The difference is, Church is the team player. Sheff is the me guy.

So it is a battle between Good vs. Evil. Who will win?

Now the we are pitting the two players against each other. It’s sick, but true.

I do not think this should be. Since Sheff has joined the team, nobody has had any problems with him. He’s been the team player.

He even admitted that he is not the marquee guy anymore and will not act like he is.

He says he wants to help the team win. He wants a ring and wants to do it as a Met. Doesn’t everybody?

I’ve decided now that Sheffield is a member of the New York Mets, let’s just support him. Church should not think there is a competition. He’s 30 years old and Sheff is 40.

As for who gets the playing time, here’s the solution as I see it:

Sheffield will not be able to handle RF at Citi Field. He knows it and admitted to it.

Give all home games to Church.  He’ll be able to handle it better. He is younger and more versatile. He’s a good outfielder.

Sheffield should be given away games…to a point. He can be flip-flopped with Fernando Tatis or Jeremy Reed.

After seeing him at Citi Field for the team workout, I think this could work out. If this is his dream like he says it is, he won’t start trouble.

Church, there is no competition. Just do your job. No worries! The fans are on your side, even if the organization questions it.

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The way i see it, Sheffield and Church should push each other to perform at his best. It is a case of good vs evil but so far evil has been good with what he’s saying. I’d like Manuel to try using Murphy at 2nd, Sheffield in Left and Church in right. I understand that some defense is lost..but man look at that lineup. 1-Reyes 2-Murphy 3-Wright 4-Delgado 5-Beltran 6-Sheffield 7-Church 8-Schneider. Jerry could even put Tatis in 2nd if he chooses. I see all three players Murphy,Church and Sheffield getting many AB’s.

Phil Groh

I still believe that signing Sheff is a huge mistake. But now that he’s on our team I can support him to a point, and that point is that he keeps his mouth shut and plays ball. Having him play some away games in RF is a good idea. That way Church gets some rest.


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