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I have to say, Johan Santana made an idiot of himself by calling out Daniel Murphy putting the blame on him in front of the media. I mean, I know he’s ticked that he lost the game, but it happens.

Luis Castillo pulled a Bill Buckner by letting a ball go through his legs. How about some scalding hot words for him?

In case you missed it, here’s what happened.

In the bottom of the second inning, Cody Ross of the Florida Marlins hit a pop fly to left field. It’s a routine catch-the-ball play. Murphy dropped the ball.

It happens. I agree with Jerry Manuel when he said that it could happen to anybody.

What Santana needs to remember is that Murphy is still wet behind the ears. It was not intentional. Here’s what the ace had to say as put in the NY Daily News:

It’s one mistake that he made. It cost us the whole ballgame, but it’s part of the game…I’m pretty sure he’ll be back and try to do better.

…and I’m pretty sure (Murphy) was trying his best there and it didn’t work out.

You’re “pretty sure”? Are you kidding me? The kid has been trying so hard, probably the hardest out of everybody, working his butt off.

Now I know you were all screaming at the tv set yesterday saying, “How do you drop the ball? It’s a routine play.” I said the same thing. It still does not give Santana the right to put him on blast. I’m sure Murphy was kicking himself hard enough.

Here’s what he had to say about the play:

I was lazy to the ball and I got exposed for it. I didn’t get back, and I got exposed and cost us two and that really put us in a hole.

He knows it is a play that he has to make. He didn’t. It’s over. Get over it. I just do not see why Santana could not take the approach David Wright did:

Everybody has been there, and that didn’t cost us the game.

For crying out loud, Santana. You are supposed to pick your players up, not tear them down. How quickly we forget all of the home runs you have given up that has cost the Mets games last year. Do not get me started!

You are a leader of the team. Act like one! Five year olds point fingers saying, “He did it. It’s his fault.” Not aces!

Remember Santana, when you point one finger, three are still pointing back at you.

Oh and one more thing, Murphy gave you your first win this year at Cincinnati.

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Really not seeing what was so incendiary in Santana’s words.

I realize it makes a better headline if you inflate your interpretation, but I’m not sure what he said was any different than what Jerry said WHEN ASKED BY THE BEAT REPORTERS.

Tanya Mercado

Well, I’m not the only one who thinks so. There are plenty of radio personalities on WFAN and ESPN that are thinking the same thing, Caryn.


Hey Caryn if you don’t see the problem with Santana’s comments then you’re asleep behind the wheel. If you’re gonna get on Tanya for putting up this blog then you also need to get on Mike Francesa,Joe Benigo,Even Roberts on the FAN. Brandon Tiennery,Don LaGreca on ESPN radio. Because they all agree with Tanya. I’m sure Santana did not mean no harm with his comments..but he had to know that his comments would make headlines..this is NY remember that Caryn !

Ed Leyro

Yes, Murphy was responsible for allowing the first run to score for the Marlins with what should have been the third out. However, instead of bearing down and retiring the next hitter, Santana gave up another hit. That hit scored the second run of the game which was the difference in the final score. I didn’t hear Santana make a mention of that hit. I also didn’t hear Murphy say anything about Santana’s inability to get the next batter out. I applaud Murphy for calling his play inexcusable and for taking complete responsibility for it. If Santana wants to say that Murphy’s mistake cost the Mets the ballgame, perhaps he should look at a replay of the game and what happened after the error with the next batter.


Murphy is really a second baseman, and in my opinion he should be given a chance to play that position. Let Tatis and Sheffield play outfield positions.

Castillo is a disgrace and brings nothing but bad luck. It is clear that he makes no effort to help the team. Let him sit on the bench even if the ownership of the team has to swallow his contract.

I just hate him. He should be a Yankee!


I have a lot to say on this subject! A lot! Number on, Santana is the best player on the team. Period! Do we all forget what he did the final week of the season, oh yea, he also did that injured! He has earned the right to say whatever he wants! Period! And, what he said was not that big of a deal. He was asked, did the drop fly ball cost you the game. He simply answered the question. But, he said, it happens. He will help us out there. Jerry manuel, said the same exact thing, in a different way. No one said anything about him. Do we forget, when Keith Hernandez in 1986, called out Strawberry. In the locker room, in front of the whole world. Said, he only played for stats today. That is calling a teammate out. Not what Santana said. No one said anything to Santana, because when its money time, he comes up big! Did the mets hit off Johnson? No. He owned them. Johnson was better than Santana. You know, Santana lost a lot of games because of the bullpen last year and you rarely heard him say anything about that. And now, he says something about a first year (lets not make pete rose yet) starting player. And we are upset with Santana? Something is truly wrong with the fan base this year.

Tanya Mercado

Santana pulled the same stunt last year when the bullpen and the offense did it to him last year. I understand he is the ace. But Murphy is young. He’s still a kid. Santana would not even have his first win of the year if it weren’t for Murphy.

Yeah it was a ball that Murphy should’ve caught. He didn’t. It happens to the best outfielders. I don’t remember the Strawberry and Hernandez incident. I was way too young. At that time I only watched the game. Sorry. lol

The fans really need to get behind Murphy. Not tear him down. He’s young. You cannot expect perfection from a newbie.


Angela, Murphy can’t play second. He is too slow footed. Ideally, it would be nice for him to try, but he just can’t do it. Don’t worry, in less than 3 years, Murphy will be our first basemen. He will be like Todd helton.


Hey Tanya! Are you calling me old???? lol.

I agree that the fans should not get on him or over-react, which New York fans tend to do. He is learning the position, he is a converted infield and learning the outfield in a new field, in the majors is tough. He will probably have other mis-reads and errors on the season. I understand that, and the fans should as well. He will, over the course of his career, do more good than bad to this team.

However, I don’t believe Santana did anything wrong. He was just answering a question. As a leader, you want him to be honest and hold players (including himself) accountable. I believe we need more of that on this team. Over the last two years, there has been too much excuses. I just want my leaders to say, we didn’t get it done. Now, we need to do better.


Tanya Mercado

LOL! Not older…just a better memory.

The Mets do need to do better. But that is what the first couple of weeks of the season are for…to make your mistakes and improve. Nothing else can be done. After this week, no excuses. They need to start getting it together.

Santana does not need to do it. That’s what the media is for. lol


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