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Joe Benigno is just like another personality that I know over at Citi Field. Joe’s head has gotten so big it surpasses that of Mr. Met. I’ve had enough of him.

He’s obnoxious and never shuts up. He doesn’t let people get a word in. I stopped listening to his show on WFAN and I don’t watch Daily News Live anymore. He rarely, if ever, has anything good to say about his teams.

Today is no different. What would morning sports talk radio be without a very bitter Joe? We cannot start our day without a daily complain-a-thon from Joe Benigno.

What was it today? What else? Citi Field.

All he and Evan did was complain about how the Mets went corporate. It does not feel like a Mets home. This and that and that and this! Where’s all the Mets stuff?


Look, I was in the ballpark last night to watch the Mike Pelfrey implosion. Joey, my Mets cohort, was outside of the stadium where the big screen is behind center field. He said there is an area that has not even been finished yet. That could be (thought I should highlight that before someone claims I know where it will be) where the Mets Hall of Fame will be.

Ron Darling was on with Mike Francesca yesterday and he said that the Mets do have everything in storage right now until they can figure out exactly where to put everything.

The argument that I can make on this is: Shouldn’t have they have figured that out already?

Hard as I try to defend the Mets organization, they make it so hard for me sometimes.

Joe, if all you are going to do is complain, do me a favor: shut up!

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Evan should stick to the NBA and Joe to the NFL because they are clueless.

As most people know, usually when a new product comes out, there is a time of reflection and feedback to make improvements and adjustments. This is simply that, very rarely is something made perfect. I have faith that the Wilpons and the Mets organization will make the proper adjustments to make Citi Field feel like our home and it might take a couple of years. I, for one, am very excited that the Mets have a new ball park. I also look forward to watching many games at this place and calling it home!

Tanya Mercado

Nilvio, I wish you had called in to the station to tell them that. If I did not have such a sore throat from screaming at the game last night, I would’ve done it.


Joe is all about doom and gloom when it comes to his teams. I do understand how he got that way..being Joe roots for the same teams as i do..Mets,Rangers,Jets and Knicks…but come on please. As much as these teams have broken my heart over and over again(Too many times to count)..i won’t be Mr.Doom and Gloom on my teams. I bet Joe thinks the Rangers will lose to the Capitals in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs..not me ! I know the Mets can drive us fans crazy the way they do things sometimes (i.e. Cast of West Side Story singing the National Anthem) where was Marc Anthony ? Billy Joel ? but you know what i always believe in the Mets and i know when all said and done Citi Field will have Mets stuff all over the place. And it will really be OUR home. Where’s Steve ”Shmoozer” Somers when we need him ?! Now there’s a real Mets and Rangers fan who gets it.


for the Mets Hall of Fame, is this new? I don’t remember a Mets Hall of Fame at Shea. I do remember retired numbers and championship banners first on the outfield wall and then above them. I remember seeing the World Series trophys in the Diamond Club. But at least they didn’t sell the Mets Hall of Fame last year with the Shea Stadium liquidation sale.

So maybe it’s true – there’s more of a Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame at Chez Amazin’ (a.k.a. the new Shea Stadium) than there is a Mets one (and I don’t count the retired number 42 because that’s league wide).

Tanya Mercado

Where the World Series trophies were and the busts of former players in Diamond Club was considered to be the Mets Hall of Fame. It isn’t like they have much in the first place to put in there.

People need to understand it is going to take a few years before the ballpark is completely finished. This is not something that happens all at once. Citi Field was just built. It is going to take awhile to make it home. You don’t buy all of your furniture and dishes and everything when you first buy a home. It takes awhile to get your house together. It is no different here.


Fred Wilpon’s been building this Dodgers shrine in his head for who knows how long, on paper for at least 10 years, and with real moving parts since 2006. He hasn’t thought about a Mets Hall of Fame before because he hasn’t wanted to do anything of the sort.

while you’re right that it may take some time to have everything finished, and i don’t want to start a huge argument with this, you don’t sell the family photo albums before moving into your new home. you take that stuff with you. that concept keeps moving men in business. the Mets didn’t do that.

Greg Harris

Doesn’t make sense for the NYM to leave all of their stuff in storage. Now, they have to figure all of this out and who knows how long it’s going to take. The NYM have once again dropped the ball. But than again, I am not surprised and have no expectations from this team or organization. Especially after the last 3 years. Anyway, LGM!


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