New Season, Same Story

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Some things really do not change no matter how badly we want it to.

I really do not understand it. The New York Mets have a new bullpen that is supposed to get this team to the playoffs. That was their weakest link.

The second weakest link? Another age old story.

They cannot score with runners in scoring position.

I mean, seriously? You have bats like Carlos Delgado, Carlos Beltran, and David Wright. Somebody has to have a scoring hit.

Even still, I have to say that I still think that I am right. There are still some changes that need to be made to the lineup.

Here it comes! I can already hear some of you saying, “It’s only two weeks into the season. Give them a chance.”

Why should I or any Mets fan for that matter?

This has been the tale of the Mets for the longest of seasons. It is what cost the Mets the chance to get into the 2006 World Series.

How many times are we going to sit and watch this team load the bases and strand every runner? They can load the bases with zero outs and still fail to bring anyone home.

Yet, on a balk and one man on base, the opposing team can score? Give me a break!

This team needs to get it together. The offense needs to really pull together. Get more batting practice in. Do more drills! I don’t care what it is that they have to do, just do it already.

Mets fans deserve better than this. This city deserves better than this.

I wish I can give them a break on this. I just can’t. This has been going on for years.

They have tried bringing in bats. It has not worked. They are going to have to work with what they have.

HoJo really needs to get these bats popping. I’m afraid if it does not happen, he’s going to get canned. HoJo deserves better than that.

Come on, guys! Get it together already. You have had plenty of time.

For those guys who went to the WBC, there is no reason why they cannot bring guys home. They should be in mid-season form already. That goes for all players on all teams.

I want to see runners scoring. If one guy is left on base, fine. Not the bases loaded. The Mets will do that for three innings. It is inexcusable.

I’m sick of the same old story.

I want a new story to go with the new home. I want a team that can hit…a team that can pitch…a team that can win.

I want a championship already.

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From what I have seen the first couple of games, and its only the first couple of games so can’t get too crazy. But, I think Delgado should hit 3rd, Beltran 4th and Wright 5th. For now at least, I just like the way beltran and Delgado approaches right now. I also think we need to see what Manuel preached all pre-season. Hit and runs, and trying to steal. Three times in the last 3 games, Beltran was on first base late innings and didn’t attempt a steal. Beltran, has the best stealing percentage in history, it means nothing if you can’t steal when it counts.

Tanya Mercado

Reyes has been trying to steal and has been getting thrown out a lot. I think they are trying to get a feel for stealing still. Beltran should try at least once. We have three base stealers on the team. They’re all coming up empty.

The whole team is just off. I can’t say it was the WBC because the whole is just bad right now.


I alluded to this somewhere yesterday (I forget if it was a comment somewhere or my own blog). This seems like the same .500 team that we saw last year. and yes, 2008’s team was a .500 team that had one good run not long after the dark cloud of Willie Randolph was lifted.

The WBC may have been bad, but it can’t be an excuse. We won the division in 2006 when the had the last WBC.

And Jose Reyes is starting to lose his fire. He reminds me of Willie Mays Hays in the movie Major League when he’s getting under the ball or in the sequel hitting HRs, when he’s the team’s speed guy.


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