Mike Pelfrey Could Get Worse

By / April 15, 2009 / Injuries


During the pre-game report on WFAN, Jerry Manuel said they will probably be bringing up someone from the minors.

No word on who that person will be. It will not be Jonathan Niese. I can tell you that right now.

It was reported on the Brandon Tierney show by ESPN.com’s Peter Gammons that Mike Pelfrey has forearm tendinitis.

This is not a good thing. However, at least we know Pelfrey’s starts were not a result of the kid being awful. He’s been pitching like this for his two starts.

So now maybe we can move on and see what it happens. I wish it had not taken this long to see what was going on. It could lead to worse things.

Causes for this are overuse, be it with weights or pitching, and injury. Repetition is another cause, which is why it is common in athletes, especially pitchers.

According to iTendinitis.com, the best way to treat is rest, ice it for 20 minutes, compression, and elevation. A cortisone shot is another way to treat it.

During his live chat today, I asked Bart Hubbuch over at the New York Post if he thinks Pelfrey will miss a start. He does not feel Pelfrey will have to miss a start because of the off days, yesterday and Monday.

Flaw in the plan: Pelfrey is scheduled to pitch again on Sunday. So it is up in the air.

The Mets do need to be careful with him. He is young and you do not want to wreck him. He has a great career ahead of him.

I think it was a huge mistake letting his pitch count get so high in his first two starts. I think they should’ve let him get to 75-80 and then shut him down. He threw a lot of pitches last year and he is not used to that heavy workload.

Proceed with caution!

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