Opening Night Was A Flop

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The only exciting things that happened at Citi Field last night was watching Tom Seaver throw the ceremonial first pitch to Mike Piazza. That was the highlight of my evening.

Mike Pelfrey falling off the mound will be on blooper reels for a long time. Even I had to laugh hard at that. It was funny. He was laughing too. It was about the only thing to laugh at.

Well, we cannot forget the cat that ran onto the field. Too bad it was not a black cat so it could run in front of the San Diego Padres dugout.

I can say I was disappointed, not with the ballpark like so many other people who will never be happy no matter what the organization does, but with how the Wilpons handled opening night at their new home.

I honestly expected more. It felt like any other opening day from any other season. There was no pomp and circumstance. Nothing grand to really make this night special.

What is sad is that this will be compared to the Yankee Stadium grand opening. The Mets had a chance to stand out and come out from under the Yankees thumb. It did not happen. Very disappointing!

At least I was a part of history!

Most have argued, “How can the Mets lose on their opening night?” The same they did in 1964 when they opened Shea Stadium.

Look, we all would’ve loved a win. It just did not happen. I rather focus onthe bigger picture. The best way to celebrate the opening of the new stadium is with a championship.

The best decoration for the stadium is the 2009 World Series trophy.

Let’s bring it home New York Mets!

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what was in the ceremonies for Openening Night? On SNY, we saw the Mets player intros and after a commercial break, Seaver/Piazza. I was disappointed in SNY for not showing everything, but maybe it was the Mets that gave me a 2nd hand let-down.

Tanya Mercado

Seriously, you missed nothing. They had the national anthem by the cast of West Side Story and the Marines, Army, Air Force and I think the Navy was there also.

It was really rather sad.


i forgot that we saw that gigantic flag, the military personnel (shouldn’t forget them) and the really bad anthem.

when did Sweet Caroline make a comeback? i heard it was booed on Monday and I can hear it on the TV now.


The mets better stop playing sweet caroline. That is a boston thing. New York is New York! We don’t need other towns songs.

Ed Leyro

The Cardinals won the World Series in their first season at their new ballpark. Let’s do the same! While we’re at it, dump Sweet Caroline and bring back the Curly Shuffle!


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