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The Wilpons apparently are desperate for a championship just like the New York Mets fan base.

They have given Omar Minaya the green light to do whatever it takes to get this team to win. They have had a lot of question marks lately.

Minaya made this proclamation along with Jeff Wilpon to the New York Post yesterday afternoon. Minaya had this to say:

We’ve been told that whatever we need to do to get to help us win, we’re going to try to do it.

[The payroll is] not unlimited. But there is the ability to increase if we need areas that need to be addressed.

Jeff Wilpon added:

Omar has the flexibility to do what he has to do to give us a winning team.

Where the heck was that flexibility during the offseason. Are you kidding me? You choose NOW to give the okay to do this?

This needed to be done in the offseason so we could’ve gotten a better pitcher.

Instead we got stuck with the surgically-repaired Tim Redding, Freddy Garcia, and Livan Hernandez (who is not doing too shabby – kudos!).

I will say this, at least they did not wait until it was the point of no return. They said it when Minaya has a shot at getting someone. Let’s just hope it isn’t another injured player coming off of some type of surgery.

I’m not looking for a lightning-in-a-bottle. I want the lightning NOW!

Do not get your hopes up on Roy Halladay or a Magglio Ordoñez. The Mets will have to give up too much for these guys.

Don’t look for Jake Peavy either. He won’t waive his no-trade clause for the Mets.

I would love to get Roy Halladay. It would be a great addition. I’m just not sure the Mets will give up half the farm system to get him. It was just re-stocked. It was the farm system that gave the Mets a chance to make a push for the playoffs.

This needed to be done during the offseason. Let’s see what Minaya can do.

You got the green light, Minaya. GO! No excuses! Get it done or we will find someone else who can!

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NOW the Coupons decide to give Omar what he needs. Everyone seems to be blaming things on Omar, but keep in mind he was forced to work inside a budget. Granted he made some mistakes, but overall, he has gotten the job done. But for the Wilpons to NOW decide to give him the extra money all I have to say is…Lowe? We offered him 12-mil and he RIGHTFULLY rejected it. I am sure if we offered him something like 14-mil with performance bonus we would have gotten him. But for that same 12-mil we got Ollie. So for, lets say, 3-million more a year we could have had Lowe. Instead we lowballed the price and the Braves got him.

I am sure if the Wilpons gave Omar that extra stretch, he would have gotten Lowe. Instead that 12-mil went to Ollie who better perform tonight! I mean, this is like, what, 3 horrific starts in a row? But hey, Livan did look good in both spring training and his first game. Maine wasn’t too shabby either. But I tell ya, this may be a cast of giving in too late…

Tanya Mercado

I think the blame can go to Minaya too because he keeps getting these AARP guys at discounted rates. The team needs to get younger.

As for Lowe, it was not a money issue. He didn’t come to the Mets because they did not want to give him the extra year he wanted while the Braves did. Minaya did the right thing. You don’t give four years to a 36 year old pitcher.


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