Mets Drop The Ball Again

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The Mets have done it again. After a spectacular start by Nelson Figueroa against the Milwaukee Brewers yesterday, the Mets have chosen to designate him for assignment.

Why? Do the Mets really need a reason? Well here it is anyway, straight from the New York Post from Jerry Manuel:

We feel very good about him as a guy that can be a long man. Our situation is that we’ll be short for a few days. You go into St. Louis to play a very good club that’s got strength from the other side of the plate, so you like to offset that [with a lefty] if you could.

So now they have brought up left handed pitcher Casey Fossum from Triple-A who is sporting a 0.82 ERA in hopes he will help the team against the St. Louis Cardinals.

So they have the same thoughts that I did for Figueroa. I’ve always said he is a long man, not a starter. Yet, even I have to admit, Figueroa was great yesterday. How do the Mets say thank you? By designating him for assignment.

I admit, it isn’t like there is much room for him anyway. I mean, Mike Pelfrey will be back probably for his next start. I would’ve thought, with designating Darren O’Day for assignment, the Mets would’ve kept Figueroa for a man in the bullpen.

What did the pitcher have to say?

That’s been my whole career. I’m used to it by now. The less I focus on that, I can enjoy the game and let the chips lie where they may. Whatever happens, happens.

You have to feel bad for the guy. The only thing I can say is, great job Nelson Figueroa.

In case you missed it, he pitched six innings giving up three runs and five hits. Sadly, he lost the game. Shockingly, the Mets could not seem to get the big hit…especially David Wright who did not get a single hit dropping his batting average to .289. It is a miracle it is even that high.


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I love the Mets and i’ll take that to my grave. But this team really makes me scratch my head with some of the moves they make. People are saying the Mets don’t have enough Mets stuff inside Citi Field. Now they do this to Nelson after he pitched his heart out. They bring up Fossum who’s doing great in the minors..but i can see him with a plus 4.00 era in the majors. Now i read in todays paper about how Doc Gooden autographed a wall in the Ebbets Club,Gooden signed his Name and put under his name 84 R.O.Y. 85 Cy Young 86 W.S. Champs. Can you believe the Mets want to paint over it. They call it graffiti and Jay Horwitz says it will go. This team will never get it..”Sigh”


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