Peña Signs With Mets

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Newsday has reported the Mets have signed Willy Mo Peña to a minor league deal. He was with the Washington Nationals and was released by them earlier this year.

Outside of the Washington Nationals, Peña has also played for the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Red Sox.

I’m not sure how I feel about this move. He has been on a steady decline since he hit 26 home runs back in 2004. Last year, due to season ending surgery on July 18 which was required for his shoulder, he was limited to hitting only two home runs in 2008.

He is 27 years old. He can still improve. I just do not think this is the answer. The Mets need a clutch hitter. David Wright is supposed to be that guy, but he has not stepped up. Peña is not that guy.

This is just becoming a joke. It looks like Omar Minaya is just picking up guys at random. Instead of picking up a Peña, how about waiting to try to actually get a clutch hitter or a pitcher who can help the team.

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This move makes me scratch my head ! Pena is not that good, he strikes out way too much, and he’s a nightmare on the field with his iron glove. I just dont see where Pena fits, The Mets did sign Sheffield so i really don’t see where this is going. I kinda think the Mets are trying to make up for not signing Manny..think about it, first Sheffield and now Pena. I guess we Mets fans have no choice..we must wait and see how this works out.


??????? HUH??????? My exact reaction to hearing the news of Pena. Maybe Wily Mo developed a knuckleball and will become a consistent starting pitcher.

Ed Leyro

If Omar is stockpiling all these guys to use in trades in July, then it’s okay. Otherwise, I see no logic in this move. Unless lots of bench players get hurt, Peña has no shot of playing for the Mets this year. I wish we had Carlos Peña instead of Wily Mo Peña.


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