Your Cries Have Been Heard

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Congratulations to the fans of the New York Mets everywhere! Your outrage and cries have been heard by the people in power.

With such on overwhelming response by the fans to the talk of erasing Doc Gooden’s autograph from the wall in the Ebbett’s Club, the Mets have decided to keep it.

Mets PR man, Jay Horwitz, had this to say to the New York Post last night about the whole matter:

We got a lot of calls on this and it was a topic on [sports radio] all day, so we’re going to listen to the fans.

Well what did you think you were going to get genius? A celebration?

The Mets are even taking it one step further. It will be moved and encased in fiberglass to protect the signature. Where will it be moved to? It has not been decided yet, but they want it to be where more fans can have access to it.

Want more? You got it!

The Mets are going to have other Mets greats, like Mike Piazza and Tom Seaver, sign the wall.

Now who said management does not listen? Great decision by the organization, but it isn’t like they had much choice in the matter.

Horwitz continued on saying:

This is a way for us to honor our past.

Honoring the past? The Mets past? WOW! What a concept!

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