Pelfrey Looks Good

By / April 22, 2009 / Injuries

With the starting rotation a crapshoot at this point, we need Mike Pelfrey to come back. Actually, we need the Pelfrey that we had last year.

Yesterday he threw a batting session and is being said to look good. He could make his next scheduled start this Saturday against the Washington Nationals.

According to Jerry Manuel on Sports Nite last night, Pelfrey’s command not where you want it to be. [We will] wait until tomorrow to see how he feels.

You do not want a guy to come back without his command. We already have a pitcher who has command issues. We do not need another one.

I want Pelfrey back, but if he is having command problems, don’t bring him back yet. They should’ve kept Nelson Figueroa for at least one more start.

Speaking of Figueroa, he was very upset that he was sent down again. He thought he would at least stay for more than one game. According to the family website, which is private now, Figueroa is feeling, “Dazed and confused“.

Aren’t we all?

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