Pre-Sale for June-October Tickets

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This has me really ticked off. On the Mets website, they have announced you can sign up to participate in a pre-sale for tickets for the months of June-October.

How do you sign up? By joining Club Mets. You get many benefits, ticket pre-sales and 15% discount at Mets Clubhouse Shops being among them.

I hate that they do these things. It is not fair to other fans. It is just another way for the Mets to make money. I understand they lost a lot because of the Madoff scandal, but how fair is it that you take it out of the fans? It isn’t.

No date as to when the pre-sale is. I”m not a Club Mets member. But it looks like I will have to be.

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Lets face it the days of going to the ballpark on the day of the game, getting the cheap seats and enjoying a Mets game are looooong over. Everthing is now about money first and loooong after that is the blue collar fan. It’s a shame but it’s the sign of the times..and i don’t like it one bit.

Tanya Mercado

I have to laugh at that. I must have missed a memo or got a different one than the Wilpons did. Last I checked, the signs of the times is that we are all broke. The Wilpons should understand that too. They’re out a few million.

Aww! Those poor souls! The rich are the only ones that can go on any given day. I feel like organizing a boycott to get the message across to the Mets. If more than half of the seats are empty, they’ll get the message.


All the Wilpon’s need to look at is all the seats behind home plate and down the first and third base lines. You even see the same thing at Yankee Stadium.


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