Where Do They Go From Here?

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We are just going to have to pitch better.

That’s how you address it. You give them the ball another turn around and you continue to evaluate it.

If it doesn’t get any better then you have to make some adjustments. It’s really that simple. It’s not rocket science.

All quotes by Jerry Manuel had to say about his pitching staff.

We always wanted the Mets to take charge of this city. Congrats! They have. Not in the way we want them to.

Everybody is talking about the Mets.

To the Mets, it seems like everything is rocket science. They have a losing record of 6-9. They have no pitching, bad defense and not the best hitting.

In the New York Daily News, the Mets have been placed on notice by Jerry Manuel, which is usually my job that I take so much pride in.

My question to Manuel would be, when is enough, well, enough? When do you stop handing the ball to your pitchers? I think now is a good time!

You have to put the pressure on these pitchers to get them to perform better. John Maine and Oliver Perez have not earned the right for another chance.

We are talking about getting rid of a majority of the pitchers. Now let me ask you a question. Where on God’s green earth do you think we will get one?

We have nobody in the minors ready to be called.

Do not bring Jonathan Niese. He’s doing miserably in the minors.

Freddy Garcia has a 4.30 ERA after one game giving up three runs on three hits including a home run, walking three and striking out three.

Tim Redding is still ailing.

NO! NO! NO! We are not calling Pedro Martinez. He got enough of our money. No more! We are not his ATM. While he is still working out to stay in shape, we are not calling him.

Do you take a chance on some of the other free agents like Mark Mulder and Ben Sheets?

Probably not since Sheets is coming off of surgery and the Texas Rangers, who were the frontrunners for him, quickly backed off after getting his medical records.

Mulder has an ERA over 10. Advantage, he is a lefty and is 31 years old. He has his stuff more in control, but he is another health risk.

The Mets have seriously lost out on starting pitching this offseason. You can talk about Derek Lowe. Remember, he wanted a fourth year. The Atlanta Braves gave him that and more money.

We do not have Lowe. Get over it!

You can talk about demoting Perez. Again, who are you going to put in his place? The Mets gave up on Nelson Figueroa.

I am very upset over the talk of demoting Mike Pelfrey. He had been pitching hurt. What do you want from him? You are going to demote him for that? You don’t know what he can do as of now. You have to wait on him.

Maine, because he is out of options, can be moved to the bullpen, but who will take his spot?

There are too many problems that do not have answers.

You have to wait and pray that teams start falling along the wayside now. I hate to say this, but you have to pray for the Red Sox, Rays, Orioles, and Yankees to do well to knock out the Blue Jays.

This will give the Mets a chance at getting Roy Halladay. You give up whatever you have to in order to get him, including Fernando Martinez, Niese, and Eddie Kunz. The organization have soured on him.

Do you call the Padres to make a deal with them for Jake Peavy? I think so! I understand he did not put the Mets on his list of teams he’d be willing to go to, but you entice him. Make him your number two guy behind Johan Santana.

The Mets do not have a lot of options here. They gave away guys that could’ve been great pitchers for this team.

If Omar Minaya and company do not figure out what to do now, then kiss your season goodbye Mets fans. I’ve tried to be optimistic, but even I know when to say, “Enough is enough! It is hopeless.

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